Rebirth Yoga + Reiki offers customized yoga, reiki, energy work, chakra healing, and soul healing services. Whether you are seeking live virtual yoga classes, private virtual sessions, or distance reiki, Rebirth is adding more to offer every week. Make yourself at home and check back again soon!



***Announcement: All in-person yoga classes have been moved to Zoom and YouTube until further notice. Below are links to access virtual classes.



Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM CST on YouTube

Rejuvenate and find fluidity in this class of mindful, slow-paced movements. Suitable for beginners yet still challenging for adept yogis. Expect deep breathing and longer hold times for asanas. Reiki may be given at the end of class during savasana. Subscribe to the Buck to Basics YouTube channel to join!


Thursdays @ 7:00 PM CST on YouTube

Chakra Flow is a vibrant energy-focused class designed to bring balance to the chakras and the aura. This class focuses on cleansing, balancing, and opening the chakras. Expect a challenging vinyasa-style flow for the first part of class, followed by chakra-focused meditation. Subscribe to the Buck to Basics YouTube channel to join!


Wednesdays @ 12PM CST on Zoom

Flow Yoga is a livestream Vinyasa Class through Soul Strong Yoga in Round Rock, TX. Expect to sweat and move frequently while exploring advanced asanas. Breathwork is a big component of this class! We end with distance reiki sent during savasana. Click the link below to register for class with Soul Strong Yoga. After registering, you will be sent a Zoom link the day of class.



Due to COVID-19, all private sessions have been moved to a virtual format until further notice. Thank you for understanding!

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Rebirth's signature service. A slow flow /restorative yoga session combined with reiki. The yoga sequence is completely customized to your unique needs and goals. Reiki is channelled throughout to enhance every pose. Ideal for anyone seeking the amazing physical + energetic benefits of both yoga + reiki.


A peaceful session of calming reiki energy to rejuvenate to your body, mind, and spirit. We begin with a short guided meditation to relax you. Reiki is then channeled to promote your healing and wellbeing. Reiki sessions may also include cord cutting, soul retrieval, and chakra/aura cleansing.


Private instruction to empower you to dive deep into the practice of yoga. Each session is designed to meet you wherever you are at on your yoga journey. Yoga at Rebirth transcends age or physical ability. Sessions include asana, breath work, meditation instruction, and more.



The Rebirth Story

Rebirth Yoga + Reiki was created to provide transformation and healing for a stressed out and traumatized world. Yoga works on both the physical and energetic parts of the body, while reiki provides deeper energetic and spiritual healing. Over time, the results can feel like a rebirth, hence our name. Whether you seek relief from anxiety, cleansed and balanced chakras, or soul healing, Rebirth can create a customized plan for you. We are happy to work to compliment any traditional medical or medical healthcare treatments you may be receiving. 

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Sole Proprietor of Rebirth Yoga + Reiki

Katie is an intuitive reiki master and yoga instructor. She specializes in the chakras and subtle body. Her goal is to provide clients with the tools needed for energetic self-care. Before her training in yoga and reiki, Katie worked as a psychic and tarot reader. Today, Katie integrates her intuitive abilities throughout her yoga classes and reiki sessions. Her intuition provides insight and compliments the energy healing process. All of Katie's services are trauma-informed. She may also provide guided meditation, cord removal (or "cord pulling"), soul retrieval, and anxiety release in her services. Katie lives in the Austin, TX area with her husband and their cat, Phoenix.

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