Self-Care Rituals for the Scorpio Super Moon

On May 7th, the last full super moon of the year (AKA the “Flower Moon”) will shine through the skies. This is not only the last Super Moon of 2020, it’s also a Scorpio Moon. This makes it a time of heightened emotions and intuition, as well as a time of transformation and completion.

Maybe you are like me and you're really feeling the intensity of this moon. That’s why self-care is so helpful right now.

Here are some self-care rituals to make the most of the gifts (and challenges) this moon offers:

Dream Journaling

Dream journaling gives us insight into our subconscious and our shadow side. Self-knowledge is incredibly empowering. I recommend dream journaling all the time! But a Scorpio moon is an especially good time to dream journal.

If you’re new to dream journaling, here’s my advice:

· Keep a journal next to your bed. When you wake up, immediately write down anything you remember dreaming.

· Draw pictures. A simple doodle is fine!

· Make a list of the symbols (flying, picking flowers, driving a car, etc.) that came up in your dream.

· Try to interpret each symbol and piece together the overall message of the dream. You can use Google, dream books, and your intuition. Using intuition is helpful since the meaning of dream symbols can vary from person to person.

Tarot / Divination

How can we not have divination on here for a Scorpio moon? While I may be a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, I have also been reading tarot for 13 years. Tarot is an excellent way to tap into intuition and develop trust in yourself. Here is a custom tarot spread for the full Scorpio moon:

Yoga Flow

A full moon yoga flow is where it’s at. For this Scorpio Moon, I put together some yoga practices to suit the current energies. Feel free to modify however suits your body.

Bath Ritual

Bath rituals are very appropriate for full moons. Plus, baths = self-care. I like to add ingredients to my baths if I am working towards a specific intention. Some ideas you might try are:

· Lavender for peace, healing, protection, love

· Lemongrass for cleansing and removing blockages

· Rose for love and self-love

· Epsom salts and / or sea salt for cleansing and protection

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it'll get you started! What are your favorite full moon self-care rituals? I would love to hear them!

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